21 November 2012

DAE: Episode 28 (Halo 4 Campaign Spoilercast)



We're back with our initial thoughts on the Halo 4 campaign. We run through all 8 missions and dissect the gameplay and story elements.

We had a few technical problems with this one so sorry for the wait (and some of the quality!)


  1. Yeah Cortana is dead. Like super dead. I can't believe you didn't realise that. You were in denial. I told myself I would protect her, but deep down I knew that wasn't really going to happen. I just feel sorry for John. He didn't even know how to say the things he wanted too. He could just watch.

    But this is good thing for John's development. He now has no companion, no one to be his voice. Now he has to find out who he is. He not a piece of hardware, he's a person. The legendary ending was in my opinion only there to show how weary he is. He clearly went down to the armour bay by himself. He wanted to get out of his armour and be as human as possible.

    Also I'm pretty sure Cortana just manipulated the hard-light bridge to protect Chief. She's an AI after all. Calculating the exact moment is no issue for her, even in rampancy. I was still initially confused I'll admit. She could touch Chief because she was pure hard-light at that point. That was all that was left of her. Then she faded.

    Oh and you totally nicked my Lasky and Chief Soldier/Human relationship thing off the FUD forums. Just kidding, but you should join in the discussions there already. :P

    Also, Blue team are totally going to be in Halo 5. It shall be glorious. OH AND PLAY HALO 2 ALREADY TOM. It's got multiple gondolas. You'll love it. >:D

  2. Hey guys good episode.
    I'm not sure about the whole Cortana thing, I initially thought it was the hardlight bridge thing and that she was dead but I like your theories about the Domain. I also think that was essentially Cortana dying but at the same time the idea that there is a glimmer of hope for the chief to rescue her excites me.

    Halo5, Halo5, Halo5, Halo5, Halo5 ....... oh and the new map pack!