14 March 2012

DAE: Episode 5


This week we get consumed in our excitement over BTB Heavies! We're big fans of the incomprehensible explosion fest. It's not long before we get stuck into the Halo 4 news though. Frankie had a LOT to say in the last Weekly Update.


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  1. Hey everyone, got a few links we mention in this episode for y'all to enjoy:

    Most of you will of course have seen this but I'll post it anyway - Frankie's Q&A bulletin.

    We mentioned The Fallen, a really awesome fan film.

    We've also got Pete The Duck's thread about making money from Halo.

    Here's the Kontrol Freek competition, which is now ending on March 18, that's THIS SUNDAY!

    Game Changers can be found here, and also the donation site.

    And finally Shield and Sword, Leviathan's brilliant musings.

    If I've forgotten anything you were looking forward to let me know.

    See you next time!


  2. That Gunslinger16 March 2012 at 17:49

    Another great episode guys!

    But now I have the urge to buy some FPS Freeks...the idea just came to me... I have no idea why... :D

  3. Hey, guys.

    First of all I'd like to say that you guys are awesome. I just started listening to you about a week ago when I heard you mentioned on the Waypoint Modcast, and I am very happy to have done so.

    This is a bit behind (again, I'm catching up on podcasts) but in this episode you mentioned the Sangheli no longer speaking English do to their temporary cease-fire with the humans coming to an end. The way I see it however, this should not be the case. The way I see it, the Elites never spoke English in the first place, nor did any of the other Covenant species. The reason the Covenant appear to speak English is because the humans' translating software has evolved. At the point of Halo Reach they couldn't understand any of the species, by Combat Evolved they could understand the simpler language of the Unngoy, and by Halo 2 they could understand all the species.

    Your point about the Grunts being parrots and eventually learning English was a good one though. I was just wondering where you heard this, because it is not the theory I have heard the most, or at all for that matter.

  4. Hey Carr! Welcome aboard the good ship DAE!

    Sorry it's taken me a while to reply but I've recently had 6 weeks without an internet connection! It was tough!

    I'd actually been doubting my grunt theory as lots of more experienced canon heads than me had never heard of it. It first entered my head WAY back in the Halo CE days and I have no idea where I picked it up. There is some evidence in the Novels of Sangheli struggling to form english words I think.

    The Sangheli in chapter one of Glasslands is speaking english to Serin Osman. There is a nice description of how the Elite forces two of his mandibles together to form "more articulate sounds".

    With regard to the grunts specifically I've since done a tiny bit of research and found this on Halopedia...

    "An inherent psychological advantage possessed by the Unggoy are their unburdened neural pathways, which allow the Unggoy to absorb knowledge more freely compared to the other Covenant species. As such, they are often tasked with monitoring space for traces of human communication. In addition, many Unggoy have developed a clear understanding of two or even three human languages. This advantage serves as a river of confidence in times of great stress for them."

    Doesn't make me right at all. The translation software theory makes a lot more sense when you factor in the other species! Hmm... anyone else have some thoughts?